Xi'an Office Building, Xi'an, China, 2012

Created: 04/17/13
Last Edited: 10/22/13
Development Authority Headquarters

Credits: Michael Sorkin, Makoto Okazaki,
Ying Liu, Jie Gu, Yanqing Sun

Located in a new zone adjacent to the Xi'an airport, the building – currently under construction – provides headquarters space for the Development Authority as well as extensive service space for customs and shipping operations. In addition, the building is divided to provide rental offices for a variety of trading and other companies doing business at the airport. Also included are an exhibition area, dining facilities, meeting rooms, and retail space. The building is meant to give a strong image at the entry to the new city and to express the optimistic technology of flight: the landscape scheme includes the use of runway lighting to evoke the striking beauty of the contemporary airport.
  • Bird's Eye
  • Bird's Eye
  • South View
  • Entrance Hall
  • Corridor View
  • West Elevation
  • Site Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Central Courtyard

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