The Final Turn

Created: 03/19/13
Last Edited: 03/27/13
The idea for the urn began when Greg Lundgren, artist, entrepreneur and owner of Lundgren Monuments, began to realize that memorials, urns in particular, were not designed with the quality and design attention that they should receive. Lundgren approached Kundig with the possibility of collaborating on an urn that defied this trend.

The Final Turn consists of two halves of an eight inch diameter blackened steel or bronze sphere, the halves are threaded with a noticeable offset from one another when they meet. A threaded cap at the top of the stem on the lower half of the urn provides access to the receptacle for the remains. The upper half includes a compartment designed to house mementos. The flat halves on the exterior accommodate inscriptions if desired. The Final Turn is handcrafted by Paolo Croatto Metalwork.
  • Photo: Kevin Scott

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