• The Beauty Book was written & designed by Sagmeister & Walsh and published by Phaidon. The book accompanies the thinking, issues & discoveries addressed in the studio's Beauty Show exhibition that has been traveling Europe over the last year.

    The book explores the forgotten element of beauty in many creative disciplines — from architecture to graphic design to conceptual art. Told in a highly visual way, the book set out on a mission: to find out what beauty is and the many ways that it impacts our lives. The book turns to philosophy, history and science to understand why we are drawn to beauty and how it influences the way we feel and behave. The Beauty Book shows how beauty can improve the world.

    Visit our Case Study for more information. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Agency/Studio: Sagmeister & Walsh, 2018 Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh Lead Designers: Kevin Brainard and Cybele Grandjean Illustration: Daniel Brokstad, Matteo Giuseppe Pani, and Chen Yu 3D Artwork: David McLeod and Fran Rossi Production S&W: Erica Grubman, Gosbinda Vizarretea, and Megan Oldfield Photography: Sarah Hopp Phaidon Editor: Sara Bader Phaidon Production Editor: Elaine Ward Phaidon Production Artist: Joao Mota