Richardson Apartments

  • The Drs. Julian and Raye Richardson Apartments provide a dignified residence for chronically homeless adults, with 120 studios and supportive services including counseling, medical care, job training, and employment opportunities. The landscape design encompasses a streetscape, a central courtyard, and a roof deck, all designed to provide a peaceful respite in contrast to the city streets where residents once lived. The central courtyard forms the heart of the building. Lushly planted with ferns and palm trees and equipped with custom furniture made from locally salvaged materials, the space accommodates a variety of uses. Five stories above the courtyard, a roof deck offers another healing space for residents, with seating areas and raised beds for vegetable gardening. GreenPoint Rated, the project employs a multi-faceted stormwater management system that includes permeable pavers over a gravel infiltration system, rain gardens, and a green roof.
  • Photography by Bruce Damonte.  Images may not be used without the express written permission of the photographer.