Mercer Street Loft

  • We renovated this loft for a well-known creative director and his family. The 1,200-square-foot living room, kitchen (hidden behind walnut doors), wall of white transparent glass adjacent the master bedroom, and extensive built-in furniture to house and display art, evoke high Minimalism at its most thoughtful.

    Each of the three bedrooms contain custom built beds and closets, tucked behind walls of walnut doors. In the baths, the tub and massive sinks are custom fabricated from solid blocks of black schist. (The solid stone tub weighs 2,000 pounds empty and 3,400 pounds when filled!)

    All materials—the smooth plaster walls, ebonized oak floors, polished schist blocks, oiled walnut slabs, brushed stainless steel splashes, lighting, white glass, and white window scrims—are detailed in the most reductive manner possible. The refined surfaces and gracious spaces host an extensive personal art and design collection.