Box Studios

  • Box Studios specializes in digital retouching and production for fashion photographers, magazines, and artists. Their headquarters is in a three-story, 19th-century building in New York’s Meatpacking District.

    In our crisp interpretation of an industrial building, we wanted to inflect the new interiors with reminders of  previous occupants—butchers, printers, artists—in the exposed timber construction of once low-tech production spaces, which have been transformed to meet high-tech needs.

    We designed six large, steel sash windows to puncture the new black, painted brick façade. A new skylight and atrium illuminate workspaces down to the ground floor.

    Spaces requiring more light, such as presentation rooms and executive offices, are arranged near the top skylight; the retouching studio, which needed darkened spaces, resides at the rear of the building. A gallery-inspired viewing room provides a light-filled, highly refined space for reviewing the studio’s work with clients. We tuned the quality of each workspace to enhance and support specific ways of working.
  • Building facade before construction.