Valser Brand Identity

  • Valser is a locally well known Swiss natural mineral water from the village of Vals in Graubünden, Switzerland. The brand is owned and managed by Coca-Cola Switzerland and currently holds the position as a market leader. The water is harvested from the two sources; St. Peter (1.252m) and St. Paul (1.806m) and highly mineralized by the water-bearing strata of the Piz Aul mountain ridge. It takes around 25 to 100 years for the water to reach the source – from fresh mountain rain and snow to crystal clear nutritious mineral water.
    The Valser product range comprises Valser Classic, Valser Naturelle, Valser Silence, Valser Viva (flavoured water) and Valser Limelite (lemon water).
    From the very beginning, Snøhetta worked closely with Valser and Coca-Cola to understand the company’s interests through collaborative workshops. This process gave the designers useful insights into Valser’s brand and heritage and their important unique product. Through a collective approach, the design team listened and gathered important contributions from the company’s many talented employees.
    Snøhetta’s work on the Valser brand has been a transdisciplinary process, engaging an array of design disciplines - graphic design, motion graphics, corporate identity, communication design, advertising design and product design.
    The corporate identity is built on the concept of a foundation. A foundation is the element of an architectural structure which connects it to the ground, and transfers loads from the structure to the base, stabilizing the creation. The foundation concept for Valser acts as an unrestricted guide for all design and strategy disciplines representing  a stable, secure and rooted base.
  • “For me good design is all about simplicity. It’s about leaving away the unnecessary, communicating the very essence – the core of the brand and the idea. The great thing about working with Snøhetta is their deep devotion to collaboration, co-creation and mutual respect and integrating different perspectives. “
    Philipp Häseli, Senior Brand Manager, Valser/Coca-Cola Switzerland
  • “The rain falls on the mountain and it’s filtered through all these layers of rock, actually Valser Stein – and out comes this beautiful product. That simple yet grand moment we wanted to incorporate into the identity of Valser.”