ParkingPLUS: Train Terraces

  • Westbury, NY
    Design Completed 2014
    252,000 sq ft

    AIA NYS, Award of Citation for Urban Planning and Design

    This project seeks to intensify the connection between the Village of Westbury and the LIRR, creating a dynamic interchange between transportation, commerce, culture and living in the place of single-use surface parking. The proposal looks to dramatically expand the functions of a commuter parking and train stop, allowing daily riders a range of amenities, as well as additional parking and inter-modal transportation options. By building on both sides of the elevated train line, we seek to link the downtown of Westbury to a new small business incubator, engaging the LIRR as a catalyst for future growth.

    The challenges and opportunities facing Westbury today are emblematic of greater Long Island, where the ease of horizontal thinking is seeing a limit. The proposal looks intentionally beyond the boundaries of the given site, to rethink the potential of Long Island reorganized and revitalized around new patterns of living and travel. The proposal doubles the number of parking spaces for villagers, encouraging them to take the train while simultaneously increasing the residential and commercial density of the heart of Westbury. Phased development of the two sides can occur independently, with the parking occurring as the first phase for both, setting the stage for subsequent construction of the commercial and residential areas that frame the parking.
  • Project Details
    Client:  Long Island Index
    Project team:  Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki, David J. Lewis; Vibha Agarwala, Keith Greenwald, SangWook Lee, Clark Manning, Kevin Hayes