• The threeASFOUR Spring Summer 2011 collection focuses on the whole connection to the hole and the hole to the whole, as to connect the holes in the clothing construction technique, connecting the dots how the energy flows: armhole, neckhole, leghole, hemhole, waisthole, cuffhole and headhole.
    Fascinated with how the black hole attracts matter and emits light, threeASFOUR treats their Spring Summer 2011 silhouette in the same manner as light & shadow. On the evening of September, 14 22 looks where presented as contrasting sisters, as the interpretation of the body and its shadow.
    Opaque one of a kind Recycled kimono fabrics, perforated leather, neoprene, silk, twill, jersey and spandex were contrasted with diaphanous elements tulle, mesh, chiffon and sheer fabrics. Spherical geometrical structures were used to create original textile technique in leather and transparent vinyl.
  • Vortex, performance / show of Spring / Summer 2011 collection at Sara Roosevelt Park, Chinatown (New York, New York; 2010). Two-way spiral screen in collaboration with architect Christian Wassman. Photo: Ross Menuez