Women of Design Book

  • The intention of the Women of Design is to be rich both in imagery and content, so the layout adapts to showcase the details and work of each woman and, in some cases, the in-depth interviews. The yellow and red colors that appear throughout the book are meant to convey the evolution of the profession and the extended legacy of each woman — a subtle change happens across the book as a gradient between yellow and red develops in each page. The cover illustration was imagined and executed byMarian Bantjes.
    A one-page, promotional web site is available for more information about this book. Photographic details below and flat spreads underneath.
  • A “Diagram of Influence and Inspiration” in the form of a fold-out spread appears at the beginning of the book, establishing the broader network of women defining the graphic design profession. A close-up view is also available.
  • Flat spreads below.