• PROJECT Nº 3
    Fall Winter 2019 Runway Presentation, February 8, 2018, Irving Plaza, New York 
    In collaboration with Black Lives Matter

    For our Fall Winter 2019 presentation we wanted to push the thesis of our shows further than ever. Our shows had become the most anticipated of New York Fashion Week — but this success had brought with it a heightened sense of separation and spectatorship between ourselves and the industry which was our audience but not our peers. 

    Taking up the theme of COUNTRY, at a time when the nation was deeply divided, we collaborated with the acclaimed play write Jeremy O Harris on a total work of drama, choreography, music and fashion with the aim of challenging the separation between performers and audience. We chose the venue of Irving Plaza in order to accommodate over a thousand people and expand our audience beyond the fashion industry. 

    Accompanied by a performance of spoken word, live instruments and vocal interludes, our models and artists walked to the edge of the stage before falling into the audience below in a combination of stage-diving and a trust-fall we developed with choreographer Xavier Cha. To insure their safety we packed the front with our closest friends so that they could literally support our collection.