Created: 09/18/12
Last Edited: 09/28/13
TED was born in 1984 out of the observation by Richard Saul Wurman of a powerful convergence between Technology, Entertainment and Design. The first TED included demos of the Sony compact disc and new 3D graphics from Lucasfilm, while mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot demonstrated how to map coastlines with his newly discovered fractals. Several influential members of the digerati community were there, including Nicholas Negroponte and Stewart Brand.

  • TED

  • TED logo, 1983. Designed and hand-drawn by Richard Saul Wurman. Photo: Richard Saul Wurman
  • TED emerged in 1984 from the unique observation that the technology, business, entertainment, and design professions were converging, resulting in the subsequent creation of Wurman's eclectic "dinner party that he always wanted to have but couldn't." In 1984 it was a fresh observation. In 2011 it is a pervasive part of the world of media and communicati

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