Spring 2013

Created: 10/04/12
Last Edited: 09/06/13
Lela Rose Spring 2013 centers around the duality between lightness and mass, and fragility and permanence, as seen in the works of American artist Jim Hodges. Hodges’ colorful and simplistic pieces are reflections of the frailty of the human experience, as seen in diaphanous voile prints, translucent floral embroideries and withering landscape organza. As a poetic process artist, Hodges’ signature curtains of flowers and woven webs of chain set the tone for reflected floral prints, spindly metal necklines and spider lace. Densely layered camouflage landscapes suggest the artist's preoccupation with the natural world in its most abstract form. Guipure lace has been cut out and reorganized to create mirrored silhouettes, while penciled-in seams illustrate the linear lines of the collection. Spring tweeds and silk matelassé in colors such as ink blue, cool lilac, bright coral and sunflower contrast against the silver dusted lace and faded embossed organzas that complete the collection.

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