Spring 2012

Created: 10/03/12
Last Edited: 11/15/12
Lela Rose Spring 2012 centers around the neon graveyard.... the unrestored and broken signs that dot the landscape of Las Vegas and Coney Island. Bleached metallic tweed, stripped paint twill, and washed out voile recall what was a garish glow of the new that have now faded overtime to tell a story of what was. Letter blocked silhouettes and chipped embroidery evoke the weathered stacked signs of Las Vegas, while cyclone prints, carnival stretch cotton, and dotted blocked knits bring a Coney Island “funhouse” vibe. Guipure light bulb lace, fringed organza, and border jacquards, highlighted in colors such as faded lemon, periwinkle and neon tangerine, give an electric buzz to the collection.

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