Spring 2011

Created: 10/04/12
Last Edited: 11/15/12
Lela Rose Spring 2011 centers around the city of Lima, Peru and its diverse mix of vibrant hand loomed textiles, modern architecture, and iconic patterns. Combining linear banded embroidery, Miraflores sequins, and vivid Neel dipped colors, the Spring 2011 collection recalls the heirloom techniques of the old world Peruvian traditions as it meets the new world society. Inti embroidered tulle, thread woven beads, and wrapped silhouettes highlight materials such as loomed metallic tweeds, pebbled stretch cotton, blocked burnout, and warp weave gazar. Hammered gauze, Cajamarca printed silk, and ombre stripe in colors such as fluorite, gypsum green, day glow, and clay bring endless variations to a collection centered on pattern and texture.

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