Rottet Studio Los Angeles

Created: 11/09/12
Last Edited: 06/28/14
Rottet Studio
Los Angeles, CA
9,600 SF

Rottet Studio’s ultra-contemporary Los Angeles office occupies 9,600 square feet on the seventh floor of City National Plaza in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The unique design is evident the moment the elevator doors open and you are greeted with bright white walls and geometric shapes that appear to be floating as if one is about to step onto a cloud. This illusion of floating walls is created by clever lighting design and this theme is carried throughout the space to provide guests with the impression they are in the clouds above the city. Playful transitions of intersecting planes are evident throughout the studio, which represent the ever-changing shape of cumulus clouds and the busyness of the interactive city streets below. Looking up in the space, white planes appear to softly float against the exposed, black-painted ceiling and light fixtures resemble stars on a dark night as if looking into a universe of endless negative space.

To capture the essence of the creative exchange that accompanies an office studio, the design team emphasized open workstations to better promote communication and a democratic work environment. Moreover, these stations were positioned in the center of the space, beneath the exposed, black-painted ceiling to provide the employees with the impression of working beneath the stars and reminding them the sky is the limit.

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