Brand Design Open Style Lab

  • Brand Design
    Open Style Lab
  • Summary
    Rebranding Open Style Lab’s design identity to create visual consistency.

    Design challenge
    To create a consistent brand message using recognizable visual shapes for an audience that includes people with disabilities.

  • Figure 1. Open Style Lab logo with a red slash symbol
  • Figure 2. Logo animation
  • Figure 3. Postcard design
  • What it is
    Part of Open Style Lab’s mission is to raise awareness and we achieve this through each newsletter, social media post, and workshop flyer shared across our network of universities, companies and disability communities. Visuals and text play a vital role in communicating a consistent message. But providing a single visual language for all of OSL’s diverse readers and viewers was difficult to achieve. Yet to strengthen OSL’s brand recognition, a design guideline created to provide visual consistency through the use of form and shapes. To better match OSL’s visual identity to it’s innovative and experimental approach to inclusive designed clothing, the rebranding project was developed with key OSL members.

  • OSL Team
    Wooksang Kwon

    Irene Park, Johnathan Hayden, Kieran Kern, Christina Mallon, Pinar
    Guvenc, Inanc Eray, and Grace Jun)