Fashion Design qXGO

  • Fashion Design
  • Summary
    An inclusive and stylish two-piece rain solution providing superior water repellency, breathability, and portability for individuals on the go.

    Design challenge
    To create a portable and waterproof design system that protects seated users from the rain.

  • What it is
    Quemuel Arroyo (“Q”) is a government official at the New York Department of Transportation who sustained a T9-T10 incomplete spinal cord injury during an outdoor sporting accident. Q enjoys leading an exhilarating life with novel experiences. But one aspect that challenges him is the rain. To combat precipitation, Q currently places a golf umbrella diagonally into his shirt while laterally tilting his head to stabilize it. He constantly stops self-propelling his wheelchair to reposition the umbrella and / or he gets wet. Current rain solutions Q utilized were inefficient and failed to prevent rain from getting his wheelchair cushion wet. The team explored functional textiles combined with design for the seated silhouette to design a two-piece solution for rain protection.

  • Figure 1. Detachable blanket
  • Figure 2. Three-part design system to tackle the rain

  • OSL Fellowship Researchers
    Staci Chan (Occupational Therapist), Kailu Guan (Designer), Chengcheng Zhao (Engineer) and Quemuel Arroyo