Seattle's Central Waterfront

  • JCFO is preparing the framework plan and urban design for 1.5 miles of Seattle’s Central Waterfront.  With the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle is poised to reclaim its Central Waterfront and reconnect to Elliott Bay.  After a significant public process, the Field Operations team was selected to lead a large, multidisciplinary design team who will engage the public in developing a dynamic and forward-looking design. Working at multiple scales, Field Operations is creating a strategic vision to re-center the city of Seattle around Elliott Bay.  At the city scale, the ‘Bay Ring’ builds from existing destinations, routes and open spaces, organizes public amenities, attractions and transit, and directs the city’s energy and identity toward the water.   In Central Seattle, a robust Urban Framework, comprised of character zones, nodes and linkages, acknowledges difference in adjacent neighborhoods and waterfront conditions.  At the waterfront, large-scale ‘Folds’ punctuate linear ‘Tidelines’ to shape a new public realm that embraces and connects the city and the bay.  

    With SHoP, Mithun, Mark Dion (artist), Creative Time, Fluidity, Tomato, HR&A, Herrera, Jason Toft, ETM Associates