Dell XPS All-In-One

  • Dell XPS All-in-One
  • Building upon the principles created for the Dell XPS Laptops, Dell and MINIMAL continued their collaboration to establish an intelligent, cohesive design language for the next generation of Windows 8 All-In-One computers.
    The team set out to design an ultra-clean panel architecture that was as thin as possible, reducing visual mass to a minimum. Perceived thickness was reduced by a carefully considered “layered” part architecture of contrasting materials and finishes, with venting hidden in part lines between layers.
  • The main body sits solidly atop a sculpted adjustable stand that accommodates a wide range of vertical viewing angles.  The 27 inch high-definition display is celebrated with bold, edge-to-edge glass, creating a vivid distraction-free layout. With this display, a wireless keyboard, the adjustable stand, and fierce technology under the hood,  All-In-One is a high performance PC that blends surprising power with effortless style.
  • Upon launch, Dell's AIO received universal industry praise as a leader in Windows 8 PC's and is the winner of multiple awards including both PC Mag and CNET Editor's Choice Awards.