Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect of Landscape

  • Frank Lloyd Wright, Farm Plan 1920s-1930s. Frank Lloyd Wright Archives.
  • "Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect of Landscape" in Frank Lloyd Wright: Designs for an American Landscape, edited by David DeLong (Abrams, 1996)

    Wright saw “land as architecture” and shaped its outward appearance to express his vision of its inner structure. He left a rich legacy of landscapes — written, drawn, and built — whose scope and significance have barely been realized. He wrote dozens of essays on the subject, and hundreds of drawings display his interest and insight: plans covered with detailed notes on planting and grading, sections showing deft modifications to terrain. Most extraordinary are the two places he shaped and inhabited during much of his life. The Taliesins were Wright’s landscape laboratories for ongoing experiments. They are ideas in the original sense of the word: “visible representations of a conception, realized ideals.”