• Vitruvi had me at their branding.

    — AVE Styles

    Vitruvi is an aromatherapy company dedicated to the promotion of wellness and preservation of culture, combining the science of scent with the art of fragrance making. Vitruvi was created by a brother and sister team who live and work in Vancouver, Canada. Vitruvi’s essential oils and ingredients are sourced from over fifteen countries worldwide. A portion of their sales are donated to programs which support sustainable essential oil farming and community health programs within these countries. Our assignment was to create a brand, packaging and announcement site that reflected the values of the Vitruvi brand. 


    We brought Vitruvi’s vision to life with an identity and sustainable packaging system that tells their story and helps sell their products. We designed highly conscious packaging – the size and shape of the boxes and cylindrical applicators significantly cuts down on shipping and storage waste.