white wave / khadi

  • This installation drew upon an enduring dosa influence: the white ceramic ware of Korea’s Yi dynasty. “white wave echoed the palette of Yi ‘moon jars’ leading to in-between places, where white becomes an inexact, imperfect shade, neither fully here nor there, always becoming something slightly other.”
    white wave, Dover Street Market Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, 2014
    photo by Larz Harry

  • Khadi, a traditional fabric handspun and handwoven for centuries in India, was revived by Mahatma Gandhi in the 1920's as it provided the possibility of gainful employment for all people and soon became a unifying element in India's movement for Independence. At dosa, we have used this fabric in every season since Christina visited her first khadi shop in 1996.
    photos by Noelle Hoeppe