The Snøhetta Mountain Fold Blanket

    Snøhetta and Røros Tweed, the traditional Norwegian wool manufacturer have joined forces to create a prototype blanket for ICFF, which marks the beginning of a long collaboration.

    The blanket is made out of 100% norwegian high quality sheep wool which can be folded into the profile of the Snøhetta Mountain at Dovre in Norway. The strict graphic pattern invites you to fold the blanket creating the profile of the famous mountain.

    The Mountain fold is offered in 3 different colors, and each blanket can be arranged in different ways, presenting itself with different amount of pattern and color to meet your wishes. Complete with a step by step guide of how to fold the Snøhetta mountain. It may even serve as a blanket pillow due to it´s “puffy” appearance.
  • Brochure and invitation for the launch of the blankets and collaboration between Snøhetta, Bjarne Melgaard and Røros Tweed.