LUNATIK Chubby Stylus

  • Draw outside the lines
  • From the same DNA that fathered TikTok+LunaTik and LUNATIK Touch Pen comes Chubby Stylus. In researching and designing the LUNATIK Touch Pen - a simple and obvious solution to the constant flow between analog and digital work - it became evident that not only has the way we work evolved, but who is working, creating, and dreaming has changed.
  • Chubby was designed for artists of all ages. Fromlighthearted Draw Something competitions to youngsters learning to read andwrite with iWriteWords, Chubby is a tool for artists to quickly create, write,paint, play and more.
  • Chubby Stylus is manufactured with premium materials. Softtouch, high-grade silicone rubber, coated for responsiveness and flow, allowsusers to easily translate their ideas from imagination to reality. And withcustom engineered materials, and a range of expressive colors Chubby Stylus is ideal for a spectrum of artists and applications.
  • Photography by Melinda Wolrab