• Thistypographic rendering for a book cover is referential to historical typedesign. In Victorian days, many fonts were drawn as if they were constructed ofbranches, or logs, or leaves or any kind of flora and fauna from the naturalworld. We revisited this same idea, but with a camera instead of a brush. Thestory is about the King of the Gaulic tribes, and their battles against thearmies of Caesar. The Gauls found inspiration and wisdom under the branches ofthe Tree of Wisdom, a huge oak. These letters are constructed by hand from oakbranches from that very same tree.

    The Druid King is a historicalfantasy of the battle between of the tribes of Gaul, and Julius Caesar’sconquering army. The Romans fought with steel and sword, while the Gauls derived their strengthand magical powers from the forest, in particular from the “Tree of Knowledge,”a mighty oak (and maybe the mushrooms growing under it). Talking twigs seemedan apt analogy for their, um, trips. Doyle says of his cover design, “In thehistorical fantasy section in bookstores, who can bear another sword-hoistingwarrior on a stallion in the mist?”

    Our original construction of thistwig type had many more branches, with wild criss-crossing, and looked morelike a bunch of brambles with a message. At the editor’s request, we were ableto tone down the underbrush to enhance the legibility of the type, using Photoshop,effectively as a method of pruning.