Facebook Gifts

  • The 2012 launch of Facebook Gifts combined the unique gift giving experience of Karma, a company acquired by Facebook earlier in the year, with the world's largest social network. with this product launch, which is currently in public beta, you can send real gifts to your friends and family, even if you don't know their mailing address. Recipients provide the shipping information, and can also choose color of style of a given product, or can privately swap it out for something entirely different if they choose. Gift givers can add the gift to the recipient's Facebook timeline so their friends can share in the fun of seeing what the gift is, once it's "opened". The experience of both giving and receiving is easy and fun, and adds a new way to acknowledge special moments in the lives of the people we care about.
  • On the Facebook homepage, you're reminded of the friends and family members who have special occasions coming up, and the opportunity to give them a gift.
  • The experience is also available on mobile devices. The gift giver selects an item for their friend, and can either specific color and style or leave that to the receiver to choose. The giver chooses a card and enters a message. 
  • This is an overview of the desktop experience of giving a gift. 
  • When the giver is done choosing the gift, a wrapped package arrives on the timeline of the gift recipient. 
  • The gift recipient opens the gift and then can choose color and style and enter his/her preferred shipping address. 
  • Lastly, if the giver and receiver choose to, they can share with their friends what was inside the mystery package.