Hacienda Ja Ja

  • Hacienda Ja Ja
    Alamo Heights, TX
  • Photo Credit Frank Ooms
  •  Nestled beneath the canopy of the live oaks, the scale of the home makes it a natural partner with its neighbors, and the porches allow the residents to engage with activity on the street.

    Carefully sited to preserve and to protect the live oaks, to promote cross ventilation and to maximize natural daylighting, the home is also designed to avoid solar thermal gain during the summer and capture passive solar heating during the winter. The carbon footprint is further reduced with the use of a photovoltaic array. The design relies on a variety of low-embodied-energy or recycled building materials such as locally harvested cedar siding, cork flooring and fly-ash concrete. Rainwater is collected from the roofs and stored in a below ground tank; during most of the year, captured rain water will supplant domestic water for all landscape irrigation needs.

    These considerations have produced a residence that has received LEED Platinum Certification.
  • Photo Credit Frank Ooms
  • Photo Credit Frank Ooms
  • Photo Credit Ryann Ford