Traveling Music

  • Traveling Music
    Evento 2009, Bordeaux, France
  • The proliferation of mobile phones, iPods and noise-cancelling technology has increased opportunities for ultra-private musical experiences within the city. Traveling Music inverts this trend; borrowing from the use of hand held “boom boxes” and massive sound systems which amplify private sound in public space. Employing the orchestra as a main performing body, and drawing from the rich urban life of the city of Bordeaux, groups of human-powered vehicles travel through the city carrying musicians synchronized by radio transmission. Groups of vehicles travel over the course of two hours through the city, converging at predetermined sites to play in full orchestration. In opposition to the finely tuned acoustic control of a concert hall, the unique effects of the glass, steel, brick, concrete and vegetation of the city transform the music in unpredictable ways. Pedestrians experience sounds and music, emanating from the vehicles passing by; filling their ears and then disappearing into the distance.

    In collaboration with composer Julia Wolfe and Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud.