Lincoln Center Public Spaces

  • Lincoln Center Public Spaces
    New York,  New York, USA
  • Photography copyright Iwan Baan.
  • Photography copyright Iwan Baan.
  • Photography copyright Iwan Baan.
  • The ensembleof buildings and public spaces of Lincoln Center are the product of a group ofprominent architects including Gordon Bunshaft, Eero Saarinen, Wallace Harrisonand Philip Johnson. Lincoln Center has become an icon inextricably linked withNew York.

    Thearchitectural challenge is to interpret the genetic code of the 60s planningand architecture into a language that can speak to a diverse audience afterseveral generations of cultural and political change.

    The redesignof public spaces includes the Central Plaza, the North Plaza, the conversion of65th Street from a service corridor into a new central spine, thetransformation of three blocks of Lincoln Center’s frontage at Columbus Avenueand eventually, Damrosch Park.

    The redesignis intended to turn the campus inside out by extending the spectacle within theperformance halls into the mute public spaces between the halls and into thesurrounding streets. Smart technologies are integrated with traditionalbuilding materials to deliver information throughout the campus.

    The redesignincludes an electronic grand stair 180’ wide, a central fountain with a revisedwaterworks, a raised bosque, a 700’ billboard distributed over 13 networkedscreens along 65th Street, and new lighting, paving, and graphics.

    The range ofscales for the project requires an effort that dissolves boundaries betweenurban planning, architecture, landscape design and information design.