Information Architects

  • Information Architects
  • Information Architects, 1984. Written and art directed by Richard Saul Wurman. Photo: Richard Saul Wurman
  • Jim Batten of Knight-Ridder asked me to examine the future of information architecture in newspaper. I initially focused on the front page. The phrase " everything takes place somewhere" kept on rebounding in my head.
  • Information Architecture
  • "Everything Takes Place Someplace" from Information Anxiety 2, 2001. WRitten and art directed by Richard Saul Wurman. Design: Nathan Shedroff. Photo: Richard Saul Wurman
  • ar.chi.tect  n. (L info-tectus)

    1) the individual who organizesthe patterns inherent in data, making the complex clear.
    2) a person who creates the structure of map of information which allows others to find their personal paths to knowledge.
    3) the emerging 21st century professional occupation addressing the needs of the age focused upon clarity, human understanding, and the science of the organization of information.