• Field Papers [2012-Present]
  • Field Papers is an online tool that creates multi-page atlases from OpenStreetMap (OSM). OSM is a global open-source map that anyone can edit. It is like Wikipedia for maps. Field Papers lowers the threshold for community participation for OSM by allowing data to be gathered for the map on-the-street, anywhere, with pen and paper. 

    Because Field Papers can be used anywhere, without needing Internet access or computer knowledge, it is used by humanitarian organizations worldwide to map informal settlements, rural land, and emergency-impacted areas. It is an integral part of mapping workflow for The World Bank, The American Red Cross, Missing Maps, Internews, and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.
    We are currently working with the American Red Cross to lower the threshold for mapping participation even further. We are working with them to create a portable version of OSM and Field Papers to bring to offline field offices for community mapathons.