MTA/New York City Transit Subway Cars

  • R142/R142A Subway Car
  • Exterior and interior design for a new fleet of subway trains for New York City. The design of public transportation constitutes a significant part of urban experience, thus contributes to the city's image. Here, the essence of the design is to materialize a balance, which reflects the negotiation amongst various conflicting interests, such as operational efficiency, initial production cost, long-term maintenance cost, passenger comfort, ADA requirement, vandal-proofing, etc. The R142 was the first new technology train for the system's IRT division and more than 1500 cars have been produced.
  • R 143/R160 Subway Car
  • The R143 subway car is designed for New York City Transit’s “L” Line. It is the first new technology train for the system’s IND/BMT division, which has different equipment standards from the IRT division, necessitating a different design from the one we developed for the R142 car. Most noticeably, the cars are longer and wider with a new design for the front, based on a different type of structure.

    The R160 is an evolution of the R143, also for the IND/BMT division. A new design feature is the electronic interior route/stop display sign, called FIND (Flexible Information Display). It consists of a multicolor LCD screen displaying route and destination and a multicolor LED strip map. The strip map always displays the next ten stations and additionally five “further stops” cycling through all remaining stations.