New York Botanical Garden, Identity System

  • New York Botanical Garden
    Identity system
  • Natasha Jen and her team designed a new identity for the New York Botanical Garden - launched to coincide with its 125th anniversary this year. The Garden needed a cohesive institutional identity that could encompass all of its programming and initiatives. Jen and her team worked closely with leadership at the Garden to develop the new system. The goal of the project was not to manufacture a wholly new brand, but rather to cultivate clarity and logic in how the existing elements should be used. The institution had a familiar acronym, “NYBG,” that it was already using frequently in official communications and that functioned well, but did not exist as an official logo. This iconic acronym has been crafted into the new logotype, distilled from the full name into a unique, modern wordmark that allows for more flexibility. Over the years, the typeface Garamond 3 has been used in the institution’s logotype and has become closely associated with NYBG. The new identity embraces this beautiful typeface to create an iconic wordmark, built around the acronym, that represents the next logical step in the brand’s evolution. When the anniversary year is over, the numbers will be removed and the wordmark will transition into a new institutional identity for NYBG.