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    Exploring Scent as New Territory
  • Scent is like a threshold—it helps transport you from one place, space or time to another, but it is as fleeting as going through a doorway. Before you know it, you’re past it. Think of the last time you smelled a rose and you’ll know the feeling—now you smell it and now you don’t—but you’re often left with a sudden, powerful memory that subtly lingers.

    So when we were asked to be“accidental perfumers” at the HEADSPACE Symposium in March 2010, we decided to experiment with thresholds.

    After dabbling in literal thresholds (i.e. doors and curtains) we shifted our perspective to symbols and settled on thresholds in life.

    Our goal: to represent thresholds in life through form and scent.

    The sketches, models and photographs relay the incredible time we had, creating forms to symbolize thresholds inlife—birth to death, baby to empty nest, puberty to partnership. Together with the extraordinary perfumers Celine Barel and Laurent Le Guernec from IFF, who designed the spot-on scents that brought the thresholds to life.


    Seed Magazine:

    Headspace Film by JaneNisselson:

  • Celine Barel and Laurent Le Guernec, from IFF, with Ayse Birsel and Yuka Hiyoshi of Birsel + Seck, comparing notes on scents.
    Photo: Jane Nisselson, Virtual Beauty.