World Wide Storefront, Exhibition

  • World Wide Storefront
    Identity System

  • World Wide Storefront was an exhibition presented by the Storefront for Art and Architecture featuring 10 experimental cultural works located around the globe. Conceived as a kind of dispersed, deconstructed architectural survey, the exhibition aimed to uncover, produce and discuss projects on a global scale from local points of view, and was designed to be primarily experienced through a portal website. The dynamic identity reflects the exhibition's DIY spirit. The graphics were built around a grid motif inspired by maps, as well as the idea that a screen is essentially a grid of pixels. The rigid black-and-white framework holds a riotous mix of content-photographs, drawings, infographics, maps, typography, icons and more-giving the program an open, street-like feel. A temporary exhibition headquarters was installed at the Storefront Gallery in SoHo in the fall of 2014. The gallery features a site-specific installation and architecture that is visible through a series of folding panels in the facade. The modular identity was applied to the exterior, integrating the graphics with the panels. Visitors were able to access the projects through augmented reality applications as well as the website, presented on iPads.