VSauce, Identity System

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    Identity System

  • Natasha Jen and her team collaborated with YouTube to develop a new brand identity for Vsauce, the group of wildly popular educational channels that feature videos on science, technology, gaming, and more. Establishing a cohesive look for the Vsauce platform, the identity plays off the unusual name and playful point of view with "fluid" typography and fresh, contemporary graphics. Each of VSauce's three channels focuses on a different subject, and an important part of the project was finding a way to distinguish them as individual entities. Expanding on the existing nomenclature, a single-word tagline and a distinguishing color were added to each channel name that hints at the specific content. The typography of the identity riffs on the Vsauce name with rounded letterforms that suggest liquid or sauce. The liquid quality of the typography extends to colorful banners that landmark each Vsauce channel page. The designs feature graphic patterns that echo the forms of the logo and include "windows" for dropping in images that highlight specific videos or the subject at hand. For an added bit of fun, the team also created graphic avatars of the Vsauce hosts, the "faces" of the channels. The illustrated hosts wear the colors of their respective channels, and appear in the branding on their channel pages.