Columbia Abstract 2013/14

  • This Abstract is based on attraction and repulsion. A metaphor always present in the teachings of former Dean, Mark Wigley during his 10 year tenure. The University attracted students to NYC to study and then repelled them into the world to experience Architecture within the field, around the globe.

    The publication features an extruded PVC 'A' encapsulating iron shavings that can be moved around cover with the accompanying magnet. It also features a custom typeface entitled ABTRACT. Coming in four weights, it is a customized version of Pendleton by Erik Carter. 
  • To view the full case study click here​​​​​​​.

    CREATIVE DIRECTION: Stefan Sagmeister
    DESIGN: Wade Jeffree
    EDITION: Scott Marble
    ASSISTANT EDITION: Tanya Gershon & Rachel Blumberg