EDP Branding, Advertising & TVC

  • Energy company in Portugal specializing in renewables
  • Design, Art Direction & illustration for a rebranding of EDP, an energy company in Portugal. At Sagmeister Inc, we designed a new identity for EDP along with a TV commercial, ad campaign, screensavers, motion sensitive and sound sensitive posters, iPad and iPhone games, social media campaigns and more. 

    The identity is designed from four simple shapes: a circle, half circle, square and triangle which were layered to create hundreds of logos and illustrations which can combine to tell the story of the EDP brand.

    Download the ipad app for free: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/edp-playtime/id452975272?mt=8

    Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister
    Art Direction & Design, Illustration: Jessica Walsh
    Design: Stephane Elbaz, Xavi Garcia, Michael Freimuth, Richard The

    TVC collaboration with Brand New School:  Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro Art Director: Christopher Palazzo Executive Producer: Devin Brook Producer: Derek Macleod Designers: Robin Greenwood, Caleb Halter, Phil Intralligi 2D Animators/Compositors: Robin Greenwood, Scott Balles, Andrew Mastrocinque, Hye Sung Park Additional Artist: Andrew Rothschild