EDP Branding, Advertising & TVC

  • Design, Art Direction & illustration for a rebranding of EDP, an energy company in Portugal. We designed a new identity for EDP along with a TV commercial, ad campaign, screensavers, motion sensitive and sound sensitive posters, iPad and iPhone games, social media campaigns and more. 

    The identity is designed from four simple shapes: a circle, half circle, square and triangle which were layered to create hundreds of logos and illustrations which can combine to tell the story of the EDP brand.
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    Creative Direction: Stefan Sagmeister
    Art Direction & Design, Illustration: Jessica Walsh
    Design: Stephane Elbaz, Xavi Garcia, Michael Freimuth, Richard The

    TVC collaboration with Brand New School:  Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro Art Director: Christopher Palazzo Executive Producer: Devin Brook Producer: Derek Macleod Designers: Robin Greenwood, Caleb Halter, Phil Intralligi 2D Animators/Compositors: Robin Greenwood, Scott Balles, Andrew Mastrocinque, Hye Sung Park Additional Artist: Andrew Rothschild