• 9. Mezzanine // 2012-
    Collaborative, multi-surface architectural medium as enterprise product.
    As the command line interface is to the GUI, the GUI is to Mezzanine: a new computational medium, a shared pixel workspace that allows multiple collaborators to inject, manipulate, juxtapose, and analyze content, in parallel and at a scale befitting human endeavor: that of the room. Mezzanine arranges for the work experience to form a continuum that implicates not only the system's spatial wands but also tablets, laptops, and smartphones: every device found or brought into the room becomes a voice, a vehicle for participation. And such rooms can be joined to other Mezzanine-equipped rooms, so that collaboration retains high cognitive density across distance. The product quietly asserts that applying a design-like workflow (involving at its core a consensual view of potentially large amounts of visual content) to every professional effort, irrespective of discipline, is a vast advantage.
    With Kate Hollenbach, Navjot Singh, Eben Eliason, Zai Chang, Brennan Roberts.