• 7. TAMPER // 2008
    Gestural remix tool for cinema.
    Pilots lope between whole movies in the macro, traverse the temporal extent of an individual film at high speed or frame at a time in the meso, and decompose individual scenes into rotoscoped characters, props, bits of architecture, etc. in the micro. These isolated elements reanimate when a pilot grabs them and drags them down from the frontal screen to a horizontal composing table. Cinematic heresy is then more or less inevitable as pilots add new elements to the table's living melange after navigating to unrelated films. A surrender to the ecstasy of unfettered access, juxtaposition, and collision.
    Originally commissioned for and exhibited at the University Art Museum of Cal State Long Beach by its then-director Chris Scoates (now director of Cranbrook Academy). Subsequently exhibited at the New Frontier venue at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Video rendering code by Andy Wingo, Blake Tregre, Kwindla Hultman Kramer. Rotoscoping and diagrammatic hands by Ed Baker.