g-speak (spatial operating environment)

  • 6. g-speak // 2004-2007
    Platform for spatio-gestural, collaborative interaction across multiple display surfaces and input modalities.
    An incarnation in software of foundational ideas, g-speak is the only platform that offers vocabulary for addressing real-world space and time. In g-speak, pixels are named not via the customary integer x/y pairs of some abstract plane, but rather via their full x/y/z position within the room. And so the geometric (but human-centered!) relationship between a person and one or more screens is for the first time a simple statement. Pointing, that most inbuilt expression of intent-at-a-distance, is suddenly a programmatic primitive. And g-speak provides a language for computational objects to speak casually to each other, so that a running application can 'spread' to nearby computers and screens with all remaining synchronized, providing multiple human participants with an expanded visual canvas and interaction space.
    This is the nonfiction basis for the Minority Report interface, but even more an effort to end machine solipsism.