minority report spatio-gestural ui

  • 5. Minority Report // 2001-2002
    Gestural bid for the UI hearts and HMI minds of a moviegoing planet.
    The filmmakers invited me to join the production after seeing the Luminous Room system, which they suspected offered a solution to one of the movie's biggest design problems: how computers might work in fifty years. Although I was responsible for designing or adapting or justifying, and then integrating, all the future tech depicted in the film, it was the computer interface to be used by PreCrime's Chief Anderton (and other characters) that occupied the majority of my attention.
    After broad research into existing forms of human gestural communication, I designed a new 'domain-specific' gestural language; then wrote and published a dictionary / training manual for this new language; made a training video that composited live-action footage with computer graphics elements to demonstrate idiomatic use of the gestural language; spent days training the actors; and finally oversaw on-set choreography of the 'Minority Report UI' sequences.
    Hundreds of journalists have written about the UI (often using it as a bellwether for emerging interface designs); and in fact the UI is still regularly invoked today, thirteen years later. The intent was to transmit to audiences ideas about how powerful, how spatial and embodied, and how viscerally appealing human-machine interfaces ought to be. It'd be impossible to hope for a better outcome.