i/o bulb & luminous room

  • 3. I/O Bulb and Luminous Room // 1997-1999
    Hybrid physical/digital UI privileging human hands and architectural surfaces.
    The I/O Bulb is a conceptual extrapolation of the common lightbulb in which the incandescent filament has been replaced with a camera/projector intended to 'look out' into a region of architectural space, using the camera to analyze activity within the space and the projector to emit visual information back into the space. The Luminous Room systems are intended as 'proof of utility' of the I/O Bulb idea. In each of these systems, real-world objects connecting the physical and digital realms by serving as handles for human manipulation. Thus, a physical container can be used to transport digital elements; and digital shadows can be attached to physical architectural models. The dominant reaction to the interactions -- particularly for children -- is of delight: the physical-digital causality is simultaneously compelling, obvious, and completely unexpected.