• 2. Underscore // 1995
    Flight simulator for music understanding.
    A blue 'now ball' as traverses a complex orchestral score, keeping time by the rate of its bouncing and retaining interlock with the system's synchronized audio playback through its lateral position. The ball is silly but also true. A human pilot controls the camera view to swoop and dive over the score, view it head-on or from dramatic raking perspectives, and truck forward and back to see the micro and the macro. The pilot can use any of the wobbling three-dimensional interface clusters that slide in from the screen's sides and corners to further direct the system: to summon floating instrument labels, to vivisect the score's pages and rearrange individual instrument strips into a furrowed field, to overlay a magic blackboard (lo! T.Tuxedo, Chumley) that converts the score's scanned pixels' dumb neumes into living objects that fly off the page. Altogether possibly a sort of assisted synesthesia.
    Originally titled 'Nauticoloratura'. Intended as component of dissertation work on navigable 3D data spaces with high cognitive density and synchronized sensory channels. Nearly responsible for expulsion (not everyone likes music).