Full Circles

  • threeASFOUR’s Fall 2012 collection is impelled by the power of crop circles. For years, the three have been fascinated with the enigmatic presence, precision, and sophistication of these sacred patterns.

    Mostly cyclical in nature, these concise, geometrically intricate designs have served as universal catalysts towards learning, understanding and spirituality - even as their underlying message remains an enigma.

    In homage to the medium, the collection consists of a natural, matte color palette of pile fabrics reminiscent of grain crops - wheat, maize, and rapeseed - contrasted by reflective, metallic materials in respect to the illumination of the Sun.
  • Crop Circles, runway show of Fall / Winter 2012 collection at The Hole Gallery (New York, New York, 2012). Photo: Elisabet Davids