wait, later this will be nothing: Dieter Roth

  • wait, later this will be nothing: editions by dieter roth, a catalogue produced for an exhibition curated by Sarah Suzuki, focuses on a set of editions works produced by artist and graphic designer Dieter Roth between the years of 1960 and 1975. Included works range from austere typographic experiments in the form of artists’ books, to a self-portrait bust made from melted chocolate and birdseed; a framed artist’s book made of cut-and-pasted squares of newspaper; tin airplane toys immersed in sugar-filled cardboard boxes; a bunny sculpted from droppings and straw; and “Literaturwurst” sausages encasing a mixture of ground book pulp, gelatin, lard, and spices.
    Referencing the aspects of decay and transience embedded within these unconventional organic materials, the exhibition catalogue uses an earthy palette of browns, dark greens, and copper. Titles and headers are set in lowercase type throughout, extending the modernist and modest orthography found in Roth’s own typographic work.