Studio No. 2, Artist's Studio

  • The site for Winters Studio is a landscape of shale cliffs, forests, and ponds that overlook the hills of the Taconic State Park, New York. The 7,000 SF studio has an expansive open plan, like a large urban loft displaced within the landscape. It is designed to move freely between inside and outside, painting and drawing; an open space uninterrupted by structure. The building envelope has 12” of insulation contained within two layers of wood framing, providing a high level of acoustic and thermal performance. The only interior structure is a compact service space that is located toward the middle of the studio, or the tallest part of the space. This object houses the mechanical services, bathroom, and storage, and it denies a spatial center to the interior. The addition of two, three-legged moment frames at both ends of the building transform the shape of the studio and provide the necessary structure for the large, open span of the interior. The entire exterior surface of the building is clad in staggered-shingle, zinc cladding.