Compañía de Café: Mural de Azulejos

  • The Mural de Azulejos for the Compañía Café brand utilized graphic elements created from its logos, icons, coffee stains, and coffee machine paraphrenelia to create a strong central piece for the interior of the café. It is made from 1,200 tiles of which 800 are unique, handmade in Guadalajara.
    Sami Hayek brought Rebeca Méndez Studio in to help Latino Brands Inc. position and brand a new concept for a Mexican-American coffee and pastry bar that combines the tradition of the classical gran café culture, the warmth and wealth of abuelita’s (grandmother’s) kitchen, with the smartest design, talent and technology can provide.

    Along with Gabriela Arvizu, the company’s director, we named it Compañía de Café and envisioned to develop a spot where “family and friends gather for a warm drink, a sweet bite and a good time, at a free moment shared together. The space invites and engages, nurtures and embraces, flirts, seduces and indulges you. This reciprocal spirit of confianza — of respect and trust in our shared humanity — we celebrate at Compañía de Café.”

    Rebeca Méndez Studio designed the visual identity, wrote the copy, created the signature mural with custom tiles, and made the website. UCLA DMA interns involved were Omar Lopez, Canon Call, Amanda Fung, Mindy Seu, and Mika Tohmon. Website developed by Cliff Simmons. Icon illustrations by Daniel Gonzalez.