SW_1 Collection

  • SW_1 Collection for Coalesse
  • The way we work has evolved. Work is less formal and collaboration is inherently social. Many work spaces have adapted throughout the years but the conference room has largely remained unchanged for decades.  This became the focus of our project for Coalesse. 
  • The SW_1 Collection for Coalesse rethinks the conference setting and the notion of live/work. Supporting more social engagements and informal behaviors, the collection promotes a relaxed “lean back” attitude through its physical proportions, materials and composition.
  • The challenge was to create a clearly differentiated solution that addressed the attitudes and needs of today’s creative class and forward-thinking corporations.
  • The 50+ piece collection is a fitting solution for the new realities of workplace collaboration. Lower and more intimate. Wider and more comfortable. Lounge-inspired yet task-oriented. The backs breathe. The bases swivel. The tablets come to you. SW_1 is an eloquent rethink on the meeting room and offers a whole new system of collaborative possibilities.
  • Given the conference room has changed very little in its formal approach over the years, the design team was focused on creating a relationship between the chair and table that offered a more relaxed but alert condition. A great deal of attention and detail were also invested in creating a collection that offers longevity and sustainability. Individual components are designed to be interchangeable and easily refreshed.
  • After a strong release in the US, Coalesse officially launched the collection in Europe. MINIMAL and Coalesse continue to expand their collaboration together at the intersection of life and work.